sebastiano pavia

music lab

electro drum

the idea is to electrify the drums remaining in the rich sphere of analog sounds. using electric guitar and bass pickups you can enjoy tone, volume and effects. i tried to replace the drums heads with ferrous-based stainless steel nets. all pickups are super cheap chinese unbranded, the tuning pegs equally. woods hairpieces mostly maple, sometime fir. To give sustain and being tunable i used a guitar or bass string, with two movable bridges that allow you to change the timbre of the steel mesh.​

16" floor-tom and kick drum

electro-drum an electric floor-tom used as a kick-drum. a maple bridge support a wilkinson hot-rail pickup, japanese electronics and bass tuning-peg. the foor-tom head has been replaced with a stainless steel mesh, an E string for bass suspended on two mobile bridges allows different possible intonations of the harmonic plane, the tone of the string depends on the tuning-peg.

an idea leads where we arrive with imagination, which is however limited. welcoming the unexpected leads much further!


el wood 14" snare drum


guitar peg tunable 12" steel snare drum, 2 pickups, a spring for resonation sustain

el steel 12" snare drum


el Sonor 14" snare drum

sonor's 50's walking steel snare drum, 2 pickups, resonating guitar string on bottom head 


el steel 24"  kick drum 

handmade steel case built for Subsonica, electrified with 2 pickups and Japanese electronics


Diamond Blades  

spruce body,  unbranded humbucker pickup and  electronics. the two diamond blades sounds clean and persistent.

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